License, Permit, Tax and Site Improvement

License & Permit Bonds:  License and permit bonds are designed to protect consumers by ensuring that businesses function according to governmental rules and regulations.  

Business service bonds are essential for any company that has workers employed at their customer’s premises. This type of bond is common to businesses such as janitorial services, maid services, gardeners, exterminators, pool cleaners, security guards, carpet cleaners, painters, locksmiths, movers, pet-sitters, plumbers and appliance repairmen.

These bonds are required in certain jurisdictions for out-of-state projects that are being performed. The bond guarantees that all applicable state taxes will be paid by the contractor associated with the project.

This bond is required in certain jurisdictions such as municipality, state or country. The bond guarantees that the principal will comply with the state or local statue, regulation or ordinance governing the business or activity being conducted under the license that is being issued on their behalf.

Completion, site improvement and subdivision bonds (titles are used interchangeably)are required by local municipalities, counties and townships to guarantee the completion of projects such as public roads, storm drains, storm water management, sediment and erosion control, and landscaping.


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