Managing Workforce Risks

RCM&D recognizes that employees are an organization’s greatest asset.  A strong safety culture, supported by policies, programs and practices focused on the identification and management of hazards in the workplace and at home is critical.  The source of the exposures, whether derived from organizational culture, employee behaviors or operational safety hazards, is not as important as how well the systems are structured to manage the potential risks. Our consultants are adept at navigating the landscape of workforce risks and driving cultural and behavioral improvement. 

Our specialized workforce risk consulting services include:

  •          Ergonomics Solutions
  •          Risk Mapping
  •          Post Injury Management
  •          Behavioral Based Safety
  •          Safety Gap Assessments
  •          Project Management
  •          Safety Program Development and Implementation
  •          Employee Absence Management
  •          Employment Practices
  •          Workforce Risk Assessments
  •          Training & Education
  •          Regulatory Compliance


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