Managing Property Risks

Understanding the risks that threaten the property assets of an organization is essential in ensuring their protection, stability and growth. The financial impact of exposures and hazards can vary from minor inconvenience to staggering liability, depending on the circumstances. RCM&D brings technical expertise to both the structure of property programs, as well as, risk control solutions tailored to protect property assets during from the initial design phase to property decommissioning.  Our property consultants are experts in both safety and insurance program design to ensure protection from, during and after a loss. 

RCM&D's wide range of risk consulting services helps clients understand the value of their assets at risk, prioritize the risk factors, protect those assets and prepare for and promptly recover from untimely loss.

Our specialized property risk consulting services include:

  • Property Risk Review including:
    • Site property surveys
    • Natural catastrophe exposure analysis
    • Assess and develop protection for and safe handling of flammable / combustible liquids
    • Analysis of code compliance
    • Fixed asset valuation consultation
    • Maximum probable loss analysis
    • Business income exposure analysis
    • Computer/EDP protection assessments
    • Loss investigations
    • Compliance assistance (NFPA, regulatory, property insurance recommendations)
  • Construction Plan Review
  • Security Plan Review
  • Fire Protection System Analysis & Review


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