Industry Specialization


Production is a balance of quality, efficiency and safety. To maximize productivity, these elements must be considered with a balanced approach. RCM&D’s team of skilled and experienced risk and claim consultants bring a depth of manufacturing and risk management expertise to address the exposures arising from cultural, behavioral and regulatory compliance issues.

Through years of experience working with diverse manufacturers, our consultants are able to identify and quantify those risks and leverage an effective risk management strategy which positively aligns with the organization’s business goals.  Beginning with supply chain, following through production, and extending into product life cycles, RCM&D’s specialized manufacturing services support and maximize the value of diverse manufacturing processes.  

Our manufacturing risk consulting services include: materials substitution and procurement solutions, contractor safety management, workplace layout to improve material handling exposures and workflow efficiencies, and product liability claim management.

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Balancing their ultimate responsibility of safeguarding students, staff and the institution, with the management of financial, operational and reputational exposures, educational organizations must contend with a variety of risk-centered challenges. RCM&D’s educational consultants understand these issues and recognize how they may impact the institution. Through our Educational Risk Assessment Process, our experienced consultants work to understand and manage risks in accordance with the organization’s goals and risk tolerances. In addition, our education conferences and best practice resources align with the missions of our educational clients by providing an environment of collaboration and sharing of practices for optimal risk management.

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As patient care delivery, reimbursement and tort reforms continuously evolve within the industry, healthcare organizations are faced with a myriad of risks and uncertainties. Through years of experience gained within the industry, RCM&D’s healthcare team is skilled at identifying and navigating these issues for healthcare clients.  Our consultants bring deep expertise and skills in areas such as risk management, nursing, legal, public health and employee safety.

We have the ability to customize strategies to address outsourced risk management, patient and employee safety, or claim administration needs.  Our professionals provide value-added consulting services, and also serve as temporary locum tenen for vacant positions as a result of short-term disabilities, headcount issues or project-specific needs. 

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