Personal Life, Wealth Transfer & Income Protection

RCM&D distinguishes itself by the quality of the consulting services we provide in the advanced planning markets of both business continuity and wealth transfer.  Specifically, our professionals are experienced in the creation, preservation and transfer of personal wealth.  It is our collaborative approach that helps ensure the stability and security of an individual’s accumulated wealth during life and beyond.

Careful estate planning is key to ensuring that assets are transferred in a manner consistent with the desires of the estate owner, while minimizing estate transfer costs such as probate fees and estate taxes. We work collegially with our clients’ strategic advisors to help ensure that the plan is communicated to all related parties and implemented appropriately. 

Products and Services

Personal Life Insurance: Estate and Charitable Planning services are available to individuals and families. Our Personal Life Insurance options include: Permanent (Universal Life, Variable Universal, Whole Life) and Term (5, 10, 15, 20, 30 year) coverage.  Our Business Planning offerings include: Buy-Sell Arrangements, Key Person, Deferred Compensation / SERPs, Restricted Bonus Plans and Executive Carve Outs.  RCM&D professionals review each individual’s life insurance needs, explore available options and recommend the best approach.

Trust-Owned Life insurance: Trust-owned life insurance is used by many high-net worth individuals as the cornerstone of their estate plan.  It enables the trust to provide for survivors, cover estate tax liability planning, balance inheritances among heirs and meet charitable objectives. RCM&D works with clients to design an optimal strategy and program.

Disability Insurance: Disability insurance is essential to protecting one of the most valuable assets – income – in the event an individual becomes incapable of working.  We offer disability insurance for individual and business planning, including executive supplements, buy-sell arrangements and overhead expense offerings.

Long-Term Care Insurance:  Long-term care insurance provides benefits to meet the health and personal needs for the chronically ill or disabled over a long period of time.  RCM&D will help identify program options and select a policy with benefits thant ensure the right care, where and when it is needed.  We offer long-term care insurance for individuals and businesses.  

Policy Review:  Due to significant changes within the life insurance industry in recent years, including considerable product advancements, it is imperative for clients to review their policies in order to ensure maximized coverage benefits and confirm the right type of life insurance is in place to meet their evolving needs. RCM&D’s auditing process provides a thorough analysis of each policy, including an explanation of how it has performed, projected cash values at designated intervals, and an assessment of the number of years that the policy will remain in force based on current assumptions.

Whether personal or business related, we want to help you understand your current insurance programs, fill any potential gaps in coverage, and ensure a continuous, streamlined approach to meet all your unique needs.

Ready to continue the conversation?  We'd like to.  We are eager to discuss your personal risk management and asset protection strategies.