Rotary Youth Exchange

RCM&D Global provides Accident & Sickness Insurance and services for Rotary Youth Exchange.

We are able to offer flexible plan designs for both inbound and outbound Rotary Youth Exchange students. We can structure the plan to fit both Rotary International guidelines and meet specific design preferences of District and Multi District groups.

Key Coverage/Service Highlights:

  • Worldwide coverage with Unlimited Personal Deviation included.
  • $0 deductible, or variable amounts.
  • 100% “copayment”, or variable % amounts.
  • Flexible internal benefits.
  • Supplemental Plans for outbound students who must purchase host country coverage are available
  • Plans Exceed current Rotary International Guidelines.

Cutting Edge Convenience and Safety you've been waiting for:

  • Online student registration and administration, or
  • Group roster enrollment and administration, or
  • Combination of both for Multi Districts with different District needs.

Procedures for Filing a Claim

  1. Obtain the appropriate claim form for the specific type of claim to be filed.
  2. Complete all sections of the form relevant to your claim.
  3. Attach or enclose any supporting documentation. This includes all bills, repair cost, police reports, other insurance information, etc.
  4. Photocopy the claim form and back up documentation for your records. To assist in expediting a determination on your claim, we ask that you send a copy of the Claim form and your supporting documentation to the insurance carrier or claim payer.
  5. For customer service, eligibility verification, plan information, or to file a claim, contact: Administrative Concepts, Inc. (ACI) at 1-888-293-9229 (from inside the U.S.) or 610-293-9229 (from outside the U.S.); fax 610-293-9299 for claims or inquiries or e-mail go to

Mail claims to:
Administrative Concepts, Inc.,
994 Old Eagle School Rd., S. 1005,
Wayne, PA 19087-1706

For other assistance services call:
AXA Assistance at 855-327-1414 (Toll-Free) or 630-694-9764 (Direct Dial) or e-mail

To access ACE’s Travel Assistance Website go to: and enter your username and password (shown on your Travel Assistance ID card).

Official Forms and Documents


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