Individual: Personal & Business Travelers

Travel insurance is often overlooked when planning a trip but it is an important component in a well planned journey.

Why Choose RCM&D Global?

We offer you the online convenience of purchasing comprehensive travel insurance for your safety and well-being. If you need assistance choosing the appropriate benefits we are available to help identify hidden risks, select coverage options and prepare you for any unexpected emergency during your travels. With over 125 years of industry expertise, we leverage our rich history to ensure you have a seamless experience in case of an unforeseen trip interruption.  

Key Protection Highlights Helping You Relax and Feel Safe 

With RCM&D, you will have the peace of mind knowing that reliable coverage and assistance are conveniently available to you anytime, anywhere.

24/7 Emergency assistance and coordination of your travel benefits

  • Physician and medical facility referrals
  • Accommodations for your loved one to stay with you while in the hospital
  • Emergency evacuation to safety (medical, political unrest, natural disaster)
  • Medical monitoring of your recovery
  • Direct payments to medical providers
  • Translation services
  • Help with lost legal documents / bank cards
  • Travel arrangements (trip interruption, optional trip cancellation)

Reduce Your Risk

1. Research Your Destination(s) and Culture

2. Research Health & Medical Conditions'

3. Check Travel Warnings and Alerts

4. Register with U.S. Embassy


Ready to continue the conversation? We’d like to. We are eager to discuss your risk and benefits management challenges, your organizational goals, and your appetite for new solutions based on your unique business needs.