Global Medical and Travel Insurance

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Domestic and international travel in today’s global economy is often an expensive investment of your time and resources whether it is for educational, business, or personal purposes. Medical and travel insurance is specifically designed to protect you from the numerous costly risks and liabilities while traveling.


Bridge the common gaps in your U.S. major medical insurance coverage:

  • Most policies may not fully cover your costs abroad.
  • Many plans do not provide emergency medical evacuation services.
  • U.S. plans may consider the care you receive overseas as out-of-network.
  • Medical providers in foreign countries often require payment upfront if you do not have international medical and travel coverage.
  • U.S. State Department advises international travelers to ensure they have coverage for gaps in their U.S. based medical insurance while traveling.
  • Some of the most common travel related risks include trip delay and cancellation, lost luggage, and travel documents.

We pride ourselves on providing educational institutions, businesses and individuals with unsurpassed customized service for over 125 years. We have been helping clients live worry-free knowing that our approach to risk management enables them to travel the world while we help minimize their risks of unexpected incidents and alleviate potential financial burdens.


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