Strategic Planning

Developing and deploying a successful employee benefits program must be done with a keen understanding of an organization’s specific workforce, operational needs, cost requirements, talent management practices, and a host of other features that require a custom, strategic approach.  The underlying point is that the employee benefits program must support the needs of the organization.

We believe that a successful relationship with a client rests on a clear understanding of our client’s needs and coordination with our services.  We document and confirm this understanding by preparing a Plan Management Agreement, outlining terms of our relationship, agreed-upon services, and fees.  The Plan Management Agreement is reviewed at least once a year, or more frequently as the need for services changes.

We will engage in an annual planning process to ensure our continued understanding of our client, their organizational goals, and the benefit program changes that may be needed.  This process will assist us in determining whether the current mix of plans and programs continue to meet the needs of the employees and the organization.

Our consultants routinely work with clients to evaluate and implement changes to existing benefit programs.  We begin the process by understanding the client’s financial, organizational and HR-related objectives to ensure that any changes we recommend are customized to the client’s specific needs. We also conduct a detailed assessment of the current benefit programs, helping the client understand how well their programs support their organization’s objectives and how they compare to their competitors and best practices in the marketplace. Finally, we work with the client to define potential changes, create an overall strategy, and then implement the desired strategy.  Typically the strategy is multi-year, recognizing that successful management of a benefits program requires a long-term approach.


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