Ongoing Client Support

The daily management of employee benefit programs involves the constant alignment of many dimensions, the ability to respond quickly to change, attention to detail and flawless execution. RCM&D helps clients adeptly address the many dynamic elements required to successfully manage their benefits programs.  We are skilled in the continual, careful execution of the transactional activities also pertinent to a smooth-running benefits program.

Additionally, vendor management is a principal element of ongoing support. Our broad experience helps us to understand the carrier/vendor market, enabling us to identify the appropriate firm(s) for each client. Whether services are needed for insurance, claim processing, billing and enrollment administration, COBRA or FSA administration, employee self-service administration, healthcare management or communication, we engage a range of qualified companies for consideration. Our strong relationships with carriers / vendors allow us to partner effectively with them for our mutual clients’ best interests. Ultimately, we feel that we best serve our clients by having access to a variety of markets for coverage.  Therefore, we have chosen not to exclusively affiliate with a single carrier or vendor.


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