Health and Welfare Brokerage and Consulting

Employers today face unprecedented challenges in managing employee benefits programs.  With the continual escalation of health care costs, increased financial pressures and escalating governmental involvement, human resource leaders require expanded support from their benefits advisor.  Often, diverse factors, including unhealthy lifestyles and an aging workforce, significantly impact the cost of life insurance, disability, workers’ compensation, medical and dental programs.   To mitigate the impact of all of these factors, it’s imperative for organizations to engage in both short- and long-term strategic planning. 

RCM&D’s Employee Benefits Division offers an integrated approach to establish a client-specific, multi-year benefits strategy.  This approach balances and supports each client’s financial and organizational goals, as well as the day-to-day tactical management of their employee benefits priorities.  We are dedicated to addressing the overall challenge of building a healthier workforce, in conjunction with managing additional objectives such as reducing costs while improving outcomes, minimizing the burden on human resources / benefits staff, improving employees’ experience with benefits and ensuring the organization remains compliant with applicable regulations.

RCM&D works with diverse employers, from global corporations to mid-sized companies and family-owned businesses.  Our expertise spans a number of industries, including:  healthcare, education, professional services, construction, non-profits, manufacturing, technology, real estate, associations and life science. 


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