Claims Advocacy

As an RCM&D client, you gain access to a team of highly experienced claim professionals who act as your advocate when a claim issue arises. Managing claims properly after a loss occurs is a crucial aspect of protecting the bottom line of your business.

Your advocate ensures that your claim is given prompt attention, the carrier engages all the appropriate resources to mitigate the loss, and that payments are made fairly and expeditiously. Successfully contesting a carrier’s denial of coverage or successfully challenging the amount payable on a claim to your benefit is one of the ways RCM&D makes a difference.

Not only do our advocates assist you when there is a problem, our claim resources are proactive on your behalf. Open claims are regularly scrutinized for reserve adequacy, accurate liability and compensability target analysis, while ensuring that there is an effective strategy in place for claim resolution. RCM&D's advocacy protects an organization's finances from unwarranted payments or inflated reserves.

From complex claim litigation to volume-based routine claim submission activities, RCM&D's professional claims staff are here to help.

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