Captive and Alternative Risk


RCM&D has the experience, expertise and knowledge of the marketplace to design, implement and provide ongoing administrative support for captives and alternative risk financing programs. By working in all the major domiciles, RCM&D develops both direct risk programs and captives that serve as fronts to commercial reinsurance. In addition, we have significant experience in the development of risk retention groups and risk purchasing groups.

RCM&D understands the need for the right approach to captives and alternative risk programs. We offer the following risk financing solutions:

Single-Parent and Group Captives: Captive insurance companies are designed for property and casualty insurance, including professional liability, management liability and employee benefits.  Upon determining which program is most appropriate, RCM&D can develop onshore or offshore captives.

Large Deductibles: With large deductibles plans, premiums and overhead costs are reduced without significant additional administrative burden. To further reduce costs and improve cash flow, RCM&D reviews current and outstanding collateral requirements, negotiates program terms, and improves loss development factors and definition of loss adjustment expenses.

Self-Insured Trust Programs: RCM&D works with clients to determine if a self-insured trust, where a calculated amount of money is set aside to compensate for potential future loss, is appropriate for the organization.

Risk Retention Groups: As a form of self-insurance, risk retention group policyholders own the coverage for specific actions and liabilities.  RCM&D advisors have the skills and expertise to implement liability protection through risk retention groups for manufacturers, medical professionals, law professionals and others in high-risk industries.

Feasibility Studies: To ensure that captive and alternative risk programs are best suited for an organization, a full feasibility study should be implemented.  RCM&D’s analysis details the cost of implementing a risk program, outlines the advantages and disadvantages, and provides recommendations for the most advantageous programs.

Cash Flow Analysis: RCM&D provides a comprehensive cash flow analysis to assess liquidity issues, the rate of return and income quality.

Program Administration Services: We provide advanced administration services to ensure the success of the captive or alternative risk program, including:

  • Claim Advocacy 
  • Underwriting 
  • Risk Consulting
  • Reinsurance Brokering
  • Clinical Risk Management
  • Captive Management Services

Third-Party Claim Administration: These services are also offered through RCM&D Self-Insured Services Company, Inc. (SISCO).  This subsidiary corporation provides claim administration and risk control services.  

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