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RCM&D's Ed Hanna selected as a feature speaker at the 46th Annual URMIA Conference

June 18, 2015

On October 14, 2015, RCM&D’s Ed Hanna will be presenting Beyond Assessment: A Case Study of Integrating Enterprise Risk at a Private Liberal Arts College with Regina Campo of Gettysburg College at the 46th Annual URMIA Conference in Minneapolis, MN.

The following is an abstract of his presentation:

Enterprise risk management is not a new concept but one that often falls short on delivering its value proposition. Very simply put, better knowledge allows our enterprise to capitalize on opportunities and avoid the pitfalls of the unknown. Many institutions focus heavily on the initial and vital assessment component of enterprise risk but struggle with the integration of the knowledge gained into planning and operations. This case study will illustrate how Gettysburg College’s process incorporates and moves beyond assessment to include integration of risk ownership across the institution including administrative and academic departments, the President’s Council, and the Board. This case study will include a brief interactive workshop designed to help participants evaluate their current enterprise risk strategies or, for the newly introduced, provide the foundational elements to develop one that is aligned with their mission and values.

As a result in participating in this session, attendees will:

  1. Benchmark their experience with Gettysburg and other peer intuitions in the session
  2. Study a case example of successfully integrating enterprise risk in operations
  3. Develop or refine strategies for enterprise risk that are aligned with their mission and values.

To learn more about integrating ERM in your institution, contact Ed Hanna 484.581.2815.