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Pepperidge Farm

RCM&D Risk Consultants have a long history of working with Pepperidge Farm to provide occupational health and safety, and risk management and consulting services. These services are crucial, as Pepperidge Farm operates nine factories throughout the United States.

“The services RCM&D provides us have been extremely beneficial – especially in helping us become more proactive in combating our risk,” commented Corporate Safety Director for Pepperidge Farm, Randall Spaciel.

RCM&D has assisted the company in creating strategic plans and generating software solutions specific to risk and tailored to Pepperidge Farm’s needs. The software assesses compliance with the Occupation Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) standards to track everyday risks, and once a risk is identified, helps the company remediate the risk. Since working with RCM&D, Pepperidge Farm has seen a reduction in risk and significant cost savings results.

“We’ve decreased our workers’ compensation costs on average of $1 million each year,” stated Spaciel. “A lot of this can be attributed to RCM&D’s strategic approach to reducing risk, the software that’s been implemented to assist us and how they’ve been able to assist us in engaging the workforce to help change the culture and behaviors.”

In addition to helping Pepperidge Farm reduce risk, RCM&D is also working with the company to assist with a greater challenge – an aging workforce. “We are working with RCM&D to deal with our aging workforce and the issues related to that challenge in creating strategies to apply ergonomic solutions, and proactively addressing safety issues associated with workforce training, selection and placement,” said Spaciel.

“Pepperidge Farm relies on more than compliance with RCM&D, they really help us come to meaningful solutions and solutions that have been proven over time to work.”

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