Case Studies

Ober Kaler

For more than 20 years, RCM&D has provided insurance services to Ober Kaler, a well-known law firm with more than 125 attorneys in offices in Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Falls Church, Virginia. RCM&D provides Ober Kaler with a full-suite of services including professional liability, commercial casualty, workers’ compensation and business liability insurance.

“To us, RCM&D is more than an insurance broker,” said Ken Cook, Executive Director at Ober Kaler. “We talk regularly, and they are proactive in understanding our business and suggesting risk areas that may need to be considered for coverage.”|

Through the years, the firm has been fortunate not to have a significant amount of claims, however a few years ago, the firm’s Baltimore location experienced what could have been a devastating loss. Due to a failure of a valve in the cooling system of the firm’s main computer room, water poured from the ceiling causing damage and destruction to most of Ober Kaler’s computer hardware. The claim was immediately reported to RCM&D and clean-up was arranged promptly for the premises. This event happened at Ober Kaler’s fiscal year end, but they were able to have their Baltimore office up and running within 24 hours of the loss so that they could complete their year-end accounting transactions.

“Coming up on a deadline like that at year end and threatening the central nervous system of your operation was devastating, and it was critical that we recover our files,” said Cook. “From the minute we found out about the damage and alerted RCM&D, they were right on it and our advocates up until we got the claims resolved.”

“We work with RCM&D and consistently talk about how our coverage is working or what we may need,” commented Cook. “They know we are cost conscious but also benefit conscious, and they help us make the best choices with that in mind.”

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