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LifeBridge Health

LifeBridge Health is a regional health care organization based in northwest Baltimore City and Baltimore County, consisting of three hospitals, a nursing and rehabilitation center, and a health and fitness center. As the largest and most comprehensive provider of health-related services to people in the northwest Baltimore region, LifeBridge balances protecting the lives of its patients while mitigating potential risk and financial loss associated with malpractice. LifeBridge has worked with RCM&D to achieve that balance, with RCM&D providing risk consulting and clinical risk assessment, and acting as the health system’s insurance broker.

Nearly 10 years ago, when the medical malpractice insurance market was in crisis, LifeBridge faced an exponential increase in costs and limited coverage availability. RCM&D recommended that LifeBridge switch from its traditional self insurance structure to a captive insurance program—and helped implement the change quickly. RCM&D assisted LifeBridge in incorporating the captive, LifeBridge Insurance LTD, and placed reinsurance for the company. Through this new structure, LifeBridge was able to buy its own insurance as reinsurance, and gain access to less expensive coverage – resulting in dramatically reduced costs for malpractice insurance.

“Every captive is different, but RCM&D was able to help us develop and implement a strategy that has been extremely successful in reducing our self-insurance costs,”said Chuck Orlando, chief financial officer for LifeBridge Health.

RCM&D also provides LifeBridge with clinical risk consulting for the company’s service lines and new physician practices. Several times a year, RCM&D provides recommendations to LifeBridge to reduce risk and the potential for loss, and makes valuable suggestions for the company to reduce claims. And when LifeBridge adds a service, RCM&D conducts a new assessment to uncover medical malpractice risks.

“RCM&D’s services have been extremely timely and have helped us stay on the cutting-edge of the risk management universe,” said Orlando.

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