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Goucher College

Goucher College is an independent, liberal arts institution dedicated to providing a broad international perspective on education. In fact, Goucher was the first college in the nation to pair required study abroad with a travel stipend for every undergraduate. But, whether its students and staff are at home or abroad, the local college with a global touch needed an insurance broker that could provide the right amount of protection.

Goucher found that in RCM&D five years ago. Since then, RCM&D has worked with the college to minimize risk on campus by training its public safety officers and staff in a classroom setting and proactively offering advice and feedback on Goucher’s policies. RCM&D also assists in claims handling and contract reviews, and provides hands-on loss control and risk management skills training, including emergency preparedness exercises to address situations like a chemical spill or gunman on campus.

“We’re not a nine to five businesses, so the fact that I can call RCM&D any time and receive a timely response to address any situation is so important to our institution,” commented Calvin Gladden, Director of Business and Auxiliary Services at Goucher College. In addition to hands-on training, the staff also regularly attends RCM&D’s many workshops and seminars to further ensure they are properly trained to minimize risk on campus.

RCM&D not only provides insurance for the college, but acts as an advocate to bring them expanded coverage at a reduced price.

“RCM&D is constantly providing proactive recommendations on insurance programs we should consider, or input on policies we are considering putting in place,” said Gladden. “With their extensive background in higher education, they are able to provide us with best practices that help provide the right coverage at the lowest cost. RCM&D is the crème de la crème. I couldn’t ask for a better partnership. That’s what’s important; it’s not just business, it’s a true partnership.”

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