Case Studies

Gettysburg College

Since 1832, Gettysburg College has earned a strong academic reputation as an institution that offers a rigorous commitment to the liberal arts. In staying true to that commitment, Gettysburg strives to create programs that challenge its students and push them to be better leaders and well-rounded individuals.

In taking on the risk of developing unique programs that other institutions might steer clear of – like creating a fitness-oriented Challenge course – the college needed a flexible brokerage partner. It came to RCM&D to find the right kind of coverage that still allowed Gettysburg to continue to create new programs and provide unique and enriching experiences for its students.

“Risk is present in any residential college community, and RCM&D works  with us to balance the risk versus the reward,” said Jane North, executive vice president at Gettysburg College. “They know we can’t eliminate our programs, so they work with us to help mitigate the risk as much as possible, and are always proactively coming to us with new ideas and recommendations.”

For more than 13 years, Gettysburg has worked with RCM&D to help lessen those potential insurance risks through commercial insurance offerings, including risk management, property insurance, workers compensation and student insurance. RCM&D provides flexibility in allowing the college to continue creating programs, while also negotiating the best prices, containing costs without reducing the coverage and using savings for additional coverage.

 “I view our contacts at RCM&D as friends, as well as working partners, and feel like they always have our best interest at heart,” said Regina Campo, co-director of Gettysburg’s human resources/risk management. “The account managers hear me and listen to our needs, and RCM&D understands that higher education is different than regular businesses. They listen, go out and do extensive research, then suggest coverage they think would be helpful and ways to enhance our programs that ultimately enhance our college.”

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