Case Studies

Franklin & Marshall

Franklin & Marshall College began working with RCM&D – as part of the Pennsylvania Colleges and Universities Shared Consortium – in 2005. Since that time, the college has benefited greatly from the partnership.

RCM&D provides the college with comprehensive risk management services. Its first task was conducting a comprehensive review of the college’s operations, which – like many organizations – had expanded over time without completely evaluating elements of risk or considering new policies and procedures for the changing risk environment. “Having a fresh set of eyes look at our operations from a risk management perspective was extremely beneficial,” said Maria Cimilluca, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management and Campus Planning for Franklin & Marshall.

During the review, RCM&D representatives spent much time on campus in order to fully understand its operations. This review prompted RCM&D to make improvements and recommendations to programs and policies that have already produced results. The college has introduced safety committees and conducted safety training programs that have reduced risk exposure, lowered expenses and decreased premiums.

“From the beginning, RCM&D worked very closely with us to know our organization inside and out,” said Cimilluca.

“We recently went through a policy renewal, and having a team from RCM&D that intimately understands our operations allowed them to negotiate from an informed basis – bringing about lower premiums,” added Cimilluca. “In some cases, we actually increased our coverage, while reducing our premiums. Now, risk management is top of mind with our managers across all divisions of the college.”

With the addition of RCM&D, the college has an expert consultant arrangement. “It’s almost like having a person at RCM&D on staff. Having a company with a representative assigned to us who intimately understands our business is a huge benefit,” says Cimilluca.

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