Case Studies

Chimes International

Chimes International is a unique organization with unique needs. Founded in 1947, the agency delivers a wide range of programs and services, and support to more than 14,000 people with developmental disabilities, mental illness and other specialized needs. In addition, the organization serves as a major employer of people with disabilities, placing people with disabilities in jobs located at 38 federal and state facilities—a service which brings with it a whole new set of risks and exposure.

As a nonprofit that does what few others do, it also needed a unique insurance partner – which is why Chimes turned to RCM&D more than 20 years ago. In addition to creative insurance solutions, RCM&D has provided customized claim program management, claim administration, and risk control services through RCM&D Self-Insured Services Company, Inc. (SISCO).

SISCO has worked to aggressively manage Chimes’ workers’ compensation claims. Because of the nature of Chimes’ work, injured workers often cannot return to work on a transitional basis. SISCO worked with Chimes to develop a unique solution to provide transitional work without putting the injured workers back at risk.

“We do offer a lot of challenges to our insurers,” said Martin Lampner, president of Chimes. “RCM&D understands the risk because they have worked with us for a long time. They understand us and how we work. They know this nonprofit environment because of the broad set of businesses they represent. That’s a really big plus that not every broker has.”

During the long relationship, RCM&D has also been a partner that has expanded its services as Chimes’ needs have grown. Starting only as a Maryland-based organization, Chimes now serves individuals from New Jersey to North Carolina, and also has deployed programs internationally.

“The time we’ve been with RCM&D is a testament to how we feel about them,” said Lampner. “We’ve always found them to be highly professional and knowledgeable, and to have a high caliber of staff. During the last 22 years, we have only had two account managers. That means the people who you are working with know you well – they know how you think and what your needs are.”

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