Case Studies

Campbell's Soup

As a global brand with more than 30 plants located throughout the world, it’s essential for Campbell’s Soup to ensure the safety of its workers, while also constantly monitoring and reducing risk to make each plant as safe as possible. For three years, the company achieved this goal through a group effort between Campbell Soup’s Global Safety Director and RCM&D.

Serving as risk management consultant, RCM&D identifies opportunities to reduce injuries at each of Campbell’s plants. Since the inception of the working relationship, RCM&D and Campbell’s have worked to develop risk identification and reduction strategies tailored to each plant.

To effectively accomplish this goal, RCM&D created a “risk reduction scoreboard” that helps each plant to assess exposures to risk of injuries in the work area. The scoreboard helps quantify that exposure, identify where to make changes and determine how much risk should be reduced – creating a benchmark to measure the reduction of risk of injury at each plant. Being able to quantify the amount of potential risk and the percentage it’s been reduced has proved to be a success in helping Campbell’s mitigate potential injuries.

“RCM&D has done a tremendous job meeting our company’s needs and tailoring programs for each individual plant location to help us constantly reduce the percentage of potential risk of injury for our workforce around the world,” said Bob Cook, Global Safety Director. “That customization has not only helped us reduce risk of injury, but we’ve seen a downward trend on cost. Having the scoreboard also provides us with a benchmark to measure our success against that of our peers, and helps provide us with a number to strive toward in making our plants as safe as possible.”

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