Case Studies

Bucknell University

A lot goes into running a university and ensuring that its students, faculty and staff alike are safe and protected. Bucknell University, as part of the UCIC college consortium, found that protection in RCM&D Self-Insured Services Company, Inc. (SISCO) when searching for a new workers’compensation insurance trust manager and claims administrator.

For several years, SISCO has provided workers’ compensation services, front-end claims administration and safety training services to the university. And in that short period of time, the partnership has already yielded positive financial results.

“Our partnership with SISCO has reduced costs for our university, which is a direct result of the efficient manner in which they process claims,” said Marcia Hoffman, executive director of human resources at Bucknell.

SISCO created greater efficiencies for the university to help seamlessly process claims through an online portal, which helps them receive real-time data on claims and costs-per-claims reports. The ability to access this information in real-time has helped streamline the claims process, and provides a benchmark to measure the frequency or severity of claims. SISCO also conducted a medical bill review for workers’ compensation claims that produced additional savings for the university.

“SISCO is a great partner in trying to respond to our specific needs; I especially appreciate them working individually with people who have claims,” said Hoffman. “They are extremely professional and proactive in the financial management of claims.”

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