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Bozzuto Group

The Bozzuto Group was formed on April 1, 1988, as a privately held, real estate services organization. The very first call the partners placed after the company’s incorporation was to RCM&D.

Headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area, The Bozzuto Group is a fully integrated and diversified residential real estate company providing a broad range of real estate services throughout the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The company focuses on property management, residential homebuilding, construction, multifamily and mixed-use development, acquisitions and land development.

Because of this broad array of services, Bozzuto turned to RCM&D to provide property and casualty coverage, contract bonding and executive benefits. And, as Bozzuto’s staff has grown from 24 to more than 1,000 during the 22 years of partnership, both the relationship between Bozzuto and RCM&D – as well as the company’s insurance program – have also grown substantially.

“What makes us so loyal is that RCM&D’s level of both expertise and enthusiasm at protecting our operations and assessing our risks is better than anyone I’ve ever dealt with,” said Rick Mostyn, chief operating officer at Bozzuto. “Every time there is an issue, they have been there to help.”

Bozzuto has turned to RCM&D for help in settling claims, particularly those related to fires. RCM&D has developed innovative solutions to address these claims, helping Bozzuto to get the most recovery in times of loss. In addition, RCM&D reviews Bozzuto’s contracts, ensuring that no mistakes are made during contract negotiations and agreements.

“They have my back. RCM&D is there to help protect me so I don’t make a misstep when I sign a contract,” said Mostyn. “Finding someone that can understand the risks and complex laws we deal with, that takes a pretty entrepreneurial and creative company. They do a great job at assessing the risk and giving me the coverage I need.”

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