Our International Partners

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When conducting business overseas, knowledge of the local regulations and practices, as well as a comprehensive understanding of global marketplace, is critical. New, diverse risks inevitably emerge when business expands internationally; whether the organization is in involved in consulting, manufacturing, importing or exporting, these risks can significantly impact the entity as a whole.

To assist our clients in mitigating these risks, RCM&D engages an extensive network of global resources to ensure comprehensive coverage, the appropriate policy limits and compliance with foreign laws and trade regulations. As a founding member of Assurex Global, an elite network of international insurance brokers/consultants, RCM&D has access to the expertise of over 110 independent global brokerage partners across six continents.  Through relationships cultivated on behalf of our clients, some for more than 50 years, our service standards exemplify excellence and consistency across the globe.  Each office utilizes Passport, a Web-based application, to support collaboration between offices and with clients.

RCM&D provides risk assessment, negotiation and placement services to businesses and families that have a global reach. We offer:

  • Local expertise to assist in risk identification, assessment and transfer in accordance with local laws, regulations and business practices.
  • Customized “Controlled Master Programs” to provide consistent limits and coverage terms worldwide.
  • Coordinated loss prevention strategies and claims advocacy across all operations.

Our advisors also assess the organization’s need for specialty lines of coverage including: business travel accident, war/political risk coverage, and international medical and travel/evacuation protection.

Employee Benefits: International employees present diverse benefit and pension program considerations that differ from country to country.  Through our international network, RCM&D has the expertise to help navigate these differences in order to structure programs that are appropriate for local nationals, as well as expatriates. We provide assistance with specialized pension programs, legal compliance and employee communications.

RCM&D is also effectively positioned to help clients evaluate new markets, protect revenue streams, and comply with an increasingly complex and punitive regulatory environment throughout the world.


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