Real Estate

For the real estate industry, the best businesses take a sophisticated approach to protecting against risk and liability. Often, developers and property managers are forced to address these elements as much as they focus on the core business of buying, selling and leasing commercial and residential properties.

Real estate leadership and their legal counsel must invest great attention to discerning complex insurance requirement wording, understanding waivers of subrogation, establishing indemnity agreements and specifying damage/cancellation clauses. Additionally, developers and managers also face some of the most challenging litigious responsibilities as they contemplate liability of business owners, tenants and customers, abatement of rent and protection of real estate assets. With those, insurance and risk management serve as strategic instruments to transfer and mitigate risk, but also as day-to-day fundamental components of conducting business.

Our expertise and services include:

  • Risk Control Recommendations and Training
  • Contracts and Premises Loan Agreement Review
  • Additional Insured/Hold Harmless/Transfer of Rights Language Review
  • Insurance Requirements (for both parties)
  • Additional contract types (landscaping, maintenance, security firms, temp agencies)
  • Tenant Insurance Tracking and Placement
  • Multi-Owner Insurance Consolidation
  • Property Manager Controlled Insurance Programs
  • Premium Allocations, Invoicing and Collections
  • Claims Adjudication and Advocacy
  • Exposure Analysis and Renewal Stewardship
  • Industry Benchmarking


Through years of working with leading real estate firms, RCM&D recognizes the nuances and details of creating viable insurance, risk management and employee benefits strategies. Our Real Estate Practice is dedicated to providing these organizations with comprehensive solutions designed and managed to meet their specific priorities and requirements.

Client Solutions

The Bozzuto Group was formed on April 1, 1988, as a privately held, real estate services organization. The very first call the partners placed after the company’s incorporation was to RCM&D.


Ready to continue the conversation? We’d like to. We are eager to discuss your risk and benefits management challenges, your organizational goals, and your appetite for new solutions based on your unique business needs.