Physicians today must be exemplary healers while simultaneously navigating complex financial, compliance and administrative burdens with hospitals, insurers and regulators. Additionally, in the wake of national healthcare reform, most physicians are also struggling to understand the implications of ongoing reimbursement reductions and fluid reimbursement methodologies.  

These reforms will have a dramatic impact on countless physician practices and may change the dynamics of both private and hospital-owned entities. All practices will seek to drive down non-care delivery costs and many will need to adapt their business models.  Subsequently, strategic risk mitigation, as well as insurance and employee benefits cost considerations, will continue to have material financial impact on practices. 

As the Mid-Atlantic’s leader in healthcare risk consulting and insurance brokerage, RCM&D’s Healthcare Practice is the preeminent provider of stable, reliable asset protection resources for physicians and medical practices.  Our objective solutions are designed to help physicians improve care, enhance patient safety and reduce costs.


For our clients’ claim management needs, RCM&D Self-Insured Services Company, Inc. (SISCO), a subsidiary corporation, provides specialized claim administration and risk control services to the Healthcare industry. 



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