Global Reach

Whether a business with limited foreign exposure, or a large multinational corporation with locations around the world, understanding the risks that a company faces outside of its home country can be a challenge. The organization must consider how best to mitigate and insure the risks in each country, and contemplate how a problem in one country could affect businesses in other countries.

To complicate matters, insurance legislation varies considerably by country, as does insurance premium tax, and failing to comply with local requirements can result in fines, penalties and tax complications. Add to these factors differences in language, culture and time zones, and it becomes clear that global businesses need an insurance advisor with the depth and breadth of resources to adeptly navigate through the maze. 

Global Resources

More than 50 years ago RCM&D founded, with other select independent brokerages, the Assurex network.  Today, known as Assurex Global, it is the world’s premier network of independent insurance, risk management and employee benefits brokers - with over $28 billion in annual premium volume and more than 500 Partner offices over six continents.

As your broker, RCM&D will access the appropriate experts in other countries to deliver one comprehensive, tailored program.  We work closely with our counterparts around the world so that all of our clients’ locations receive the attention they deserve, regardless of how large or small they are. Additionally, we utilize leading, web-based collaborative tools to facilitate the relationships and communication among our partners, which ensures the best service for you.

Global Coverage

For some specialized domestic entities, the broadest coverage is gained through a global market.  RCM&D has the expertise to determine whether the international alternative is the best option available. We have vast expertise and experience in making significant placements in many major insurance markets around the world.  Our employees regularly travel to London, Bermuda and other markets with, or on behalf of, our clients to meet with underwriters directly to ensure the best, cost-effective program. 

 Please see our International Services for additional information.