Talent Centered Volunteering

RCM&D is fortunate to be staffed with a diverse group of talented professionals highly knowledgeable on relevant, specialized subject matter expertise.  This expertise, which is invaluable to community-based, trade and professional organizations, is often limited due to the financial and resource constraints of these entities.  Whether it is to aid a specific action or cause that may need further development or thought, participate as committee or board leadership, or lend an extra pair of hands, our employees, supported by the resources and strength of the firm, are encouraged to pursue those opportunities.

If your organization has a specific focus on improving the human condition, or perhaps a commitment to serving the greater community, or if it is a trade or professional association in need of membership and leadership, please contact our Human Resources Division at 800 346 4075 or contactrcmd@rcmd.com  to explore where our talented and engaged employees may find alignment in your cause.